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PVC Conduit Pipes

We offer a superior range of PVC Conduit Pipes to clients, which have got excellent features that makes them superior from other pipes offered in market. Some of the features of the range offered include :

  • Excellent di electric strength with no breakdown even at 5000V
  • High insulation resistance
  • No deformation or bending
  • High resistance to oil
  • No cracking
  • Excellent rigidity
  • Sizes available: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 mm


  • Open and concealed wiring in industries/residential and commercial buildings
  • House meter and water pump connections
  • Street Light and traffic signal connections
  • Concealed wiring on busies, railways coaches, ships, aircrafts etc.
  • Being light can be used on false ceilings and sleevings

Salient Features

  • Most Economical as compared to steel conduits
  • Highly insulated non conductor prevents Short circuit hazards
  • Corrosion proof free from rust slainity and humidity
  • having mirror like smooth surface finish
  • Uniformity of wall thickness
  • Light weight - Easy handling
  • Colour range available in installation white grey, black and blue
  • Provide good mechanical protection for inside cables
  • Having longer life as compared to metal conduit
  • Flame resistance manufactured out of self extinguishing PVC materials
  • Easy passage of maximum size and number of cables permitted
  • Each batch tested through computer

Properties Report
1. Electrical Characteristics
(a) Dielectric Strength
(b) Insulation Resistance

No Breakdown even at 5000 V
Above 200 Meagodim very good.
2. Mechanical Strength
(a) Resistance to crushing
(b) Impact Results
(c) Rigidity
(d) Compression Results

No Crack (Visible)
Excellent.(Closed packed structure)
Excellent. (Elastics & Plastics Properties )
3. Bending Higher order flexibility.
4. Resistance to Heat No Deformation.
5. Resistance to Combustion Very firm against H.D. flame
6. Resistance to Chemical Action
(a) In Hydrochloric Acid
(b) In Sodium Hydroxide

No Deterioration.
No Deterioration.
7. Resistance to Oil Excellent.