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PVC Casings and Capings

The PVC Casings and Capings we offer to clients confirm the laid IS: 14927 (2) 2001 standards. These products do not have burrs on both surfaces and can withstood against evenly distributed load. Have got excellent rigidity and resistance to flame propagation. The casing and caping are available in size of 20 x 12, 25 x 16, 30 x 15 and 38 x 19 mm.


  • Open wiring in industrial/ residential and commercial buildings
  • Street light and traffic light signals
  • Wiring on buses, railway coaches, ships, aircrafts etc
  • Can be used in ceiling suspended ducting, telecom and terminal wiring as well as in false ceilings and sleevings.
  • Can be used for bare conductors

Salient Features:

  • Economical as compared to steel conduits and casing
  • Highly insulated non conductor prevents short circuit hazards
  • Corrosion free nature
  • Wide color range available
  • Uniformity of wall thickness
  • Maximum internal wiring space
  • Odorless and impurity less
  • Available in double locking system
  • Able to retard the spread of fire and many more


TECHNICAL FEATURES: Confirming IS: 14927 (2) 2001
Properties Report
1. Construction No Burrs on both surfaces.
2. Dimensions Mechanical Strength Maximum internal usable area
3. Mechanical Properties
(a) Distortion Test
(b) Impact Test
(c) Rigidity
(d) Linear Deflection Test

With stood against evenly distributed load
No sign of disintegration of surface.
Not detached by applied load.
4. Resistance to Flame Propagation Not ignite.
5. Electrical Characteristics
(a) Insulation Resistance
(b) Electrical Insulations Strength

Found more than 100 Meg.ohm
No break down even at 2500 V.