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PPR Plumbing Pipes

PPR Plumbing Pipes

We offer the most advance cable trunking and ducting systems to clients, where we provide them with the most superior and reliable products. The systems are made as per IS: 14927 (P2) standards. These are also offered as per the customers' requirements & specifications.

Sanco PP-R Pipes and Fittings are manufactured from Polypropylene Random Copolymer type-3 in accordance with the DIN 8077-78 standards. It can be used at installation of hot & cold water systems, chemistry sector and in transfer of gas and liquids, in agricultural and industrial applications, thermal water manufactured in three types as PN-10, PN-16 and PN-20 :

Diameter PN-10
Wall Thickness(mm)
Wall Thickness(mm)
Wall Thickness(mm)
16   2.2 2.7
20 1.9 2.8 3.4
25 2.3 3.5 4.2
32 2.9 4.4 5.4
40 3.7 5.5 6.7
50 4.6 6.9 8.3
63 5.8 8.6 10.5
75 6.8 10.3 12.5

Field of Applications:

  • Potable water pipe network for cold & hot water installations i.e. in Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices & School Buildings etc.
  • Pipe Networks for Rainwater Utilization Systems.
  • Pipe Networks for Compressed – Air Plants.
  • Pipe Networks for Solar Plants.
  • Pipe Networks in Agriculture and Horticulture.
  • Heating Pipes for Residential House.
  • Pipe Network for industry, i.e. Transport of aggressive fluids (acid, leys etc.)
  • Transport for Liquid Foods.


  • Resistance against chemicals.
  • Small and taste neutrality.
  • Physiological safeness.
  • High environmental compatibility.
  • High Impact rate.
  • Less Pipe roughness.
  • Heat and Sound Insulating characteristics.
  • Very good welding properties.
  • High –Heat stabilized.
  • Equipped with metal deactivation.