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Copper Wire RodWe offer to supply to supply high quality Copper Wire Rod which used in various applications. This product confirmed under IS: 613 - 1984 for quality assurance to give better results.


Copper rods has many uses like drawing of wire, headed products, woven-wire products, bent-wise products, copper alloy wire springs etc. But, rods being described here in this report are used for wire drawing. This wire is further used for electrical transmission, for motor winding, for wire & cables and other purposes like making springs etc. Oxygen free copper is single phase material with mere 12 ppm oxygen in it. The process delivers the cast product directly at its final size without any hot rolling involved. This eliminates the possibility of rolling induced inclusions and minimises the thickness of the surface oxide layer. These factors give oxygen free copper rod superior ductility in addition to its excellent electrical conductivity. Copper rod is well-suited for all electrical applications and has become the preferred feedstock especially for:
  • Fine and multi-wire drawing where ductility requirements are most demanding
  • Enamel wire production where surface finish is of utmost importance
  • Continuous rotary extrusion where tool wear rate is a crucial factor