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Calcium Carbonate
We offer to supply best quality Calcium Carbonate imported from various Asian Countries with various grade as per requirement which are the superior quality in its class for various applications.Calcium carbonate is one of the elemental raw materials used in wide variety of industrial applications, basically as fillers. In fact, the material is such a basic raw material that the consumption of calcium carbonate is a good indicator for the degree of industrialization of the country.


: Plasticizied PVC (cable, films and sheets), PVC Pipe, PVC profile, PVC calendered film and sheet, PVC floor covering, PVC plastisols (leather cloth, wallpaper)
: Polyolefin Masterbatch
High chemical purity which eliminates negative catalytic effect on the aging of polymers
Non toxic, odorless and tasteless (conforming to food legislation in plastics packaging)
Improved wheatherability
Improved thermal conductivity
Reducing cost

: Printing and Writing paper, Duplex board
Improved printability
Providing high degree of whiteness
Reducing cost
Paints, Printing Ink, Powder coating
Non toxic and weather resistance
Excellent whiteness
Chemically stable i.e. low interaction with pigments, binders and other components
Unsurpassed cost-performance extender
Rubber Products
Reducing cost
Poultry Premix
Make shell of egg or cultured prawn harder